2-DOP – Defined Operating Procedures

The Defined Operating Procedures are part of the Implementation Workbook. Before your new ERP system can really go live you should see to it that all main processes have been defined and that all your main functionality has been desribed in operating procedures. An operating pocedure describes the way a certain functionality should be used in the context of a part (or all) of the business process or processes that your company has in places to do your business. All described and defined operating procedures here are examples and are set up in a more or less standard way you can use the covered functionality. But beware, you will have to rewrite each and every one of them to fit into the context of the business processes of your own company.

There are examples for the following phases:

Phase 1 Process Flow Overview

Phase 2 Process Flow Charts

Phase 3 Operating Procedures

Phase 4 Work Instructions

Phase 5 Rules of Operation

Phase 6 Maintenance Procedures

Phase 7 Measurables & Comparative Reports

Phase 8 Continuing Education