Implementation Work Books

Here you will find examples of a series of documents which are or can be very useful to guide you through the way an ERP implementation can or should be done.

There are 3 areas of documents which each describe sequentially how an implementation can be done, how it can be designed and described and how it can be managed. Consider each ERP implementation as a project that needs resources, leadership, implementation policies, teams, knowledge about the way to implement the ERP functions and how the system is to be rolled out in what order of data gathering, functionality, settings, security and scope. The 3 areas are:

1-IMW – Implementation Workbook documents

2-DOP – Defined Operating Procedures with documents and descriptions

3-ISD – Information System Documentation

The Work Book is based upon all examples of the implementation of the ERP system Visual Manufacturing as it ones was designed and defined by Lilly Software Associates in the nineties of the last century. Lilly Software is not there anymore but Visual Manufacturing has been further developped by Infor as Infor ERP Visual or Infor Visual Enterprise which are trademarks of Infor.