What is ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning, known as ERP, stands for a set of, more or less, integrated systems that industrial organizations today use to organize, control and administer their production processes. It can be a set of separately automated systems that interconnect and integrate to form one system of control.

These automated systems are mainly supplied by global software manufacturers such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, IFS, Workday, Epicor, abas, Deltek and Sage (Top 10 ERP suppliers 2020) and a range of smaller software suppliers, including Dutch software companies such as Exact and Afas, which are often more tailored to specific niche markets within the manufacturing industry.

On LinkedIn, for example, one often sees the demand for ERP specialists. Despite the economic crises that we have experienced in recent decades, including the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, ERP is very much alive in industry, which says something about the extent of industrial activities that are taking place, and are still expanding and developing. Not only in the Netherlands, the home country of this website and its builder, but worldwide.