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On this page you will find all free download which are available related to ERP, Production & Material Planning, MRP, Material Positioning Analysis, Business Modeling, Supply Chain Modeling, ERP implementations, including a series of articles of interest when you are working in one or more of the key areas of the Manufacturing Industry.



Material Positioning Analysis Introduction ; an article written by Jacques Selders as an introduction to his book titled Material Positioning Analysis.

Material Positioning Analysis is able to completely replace the standard MRP which can be found in almost every ERP system available for the planning and control of the flow of all kinds of materials to build product in the repetitive and discrete industry.



Material Positioning Analysis Power Point Presentation; a Powerpoint in PDF format created by Jacques Selders to explain and highlight the Concept and Essentials.

This Powerpoint explains how MPA or Material Positioning Analysis is able to drive out and completely replace standard MRPI or Material Requirements Planning as per the Orlicky concept from 1975.



Activity Based Planning ; an article written by Jacques Selders about the Activity Based Planning (ABP) concept as counter concept against MRPI/MRPII.

MRPI/MRPII , concepts which were developped and described by people like Orlicky and Plossl & Whight in the early seventies of the last century. The last 4 decades purchasers and material planners working with ERP systems and planning concepts like MRPI/MRPII in their ERP system have had many drawbacks from working with this. The acticle Activity Based Planning, based upon the ERP system Infor ERP Visual, in the early nineties developped by Lilly Software and now one of the ERP systems and packages by Infor, tries to show how, when ABP is embedded and properly used in your ERP system, you can get rid of those MRP drawbacks.